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Why Business with Lifestyle?

Total Beauty: Thrive with Style & Wellness, Build Business with Confidence is a Lifestyle Shift program for female Solopreneurs, MomPreneurs, Creators, so they could start their own business with more probability of success in Lifestyle and Wellness industry. 

Lifestyle and Wellness industry is the growing market in the years to come, however, with high competition, SoloPreneurs, MomPreneurs, Creators will need to find their “blue ocean” with their unique talent, so their business could thrive and make profit. 

Our Program

The program accelerates audience to find their own “blue ocean”, build their Identity and Personal Brand, create their own Style in Business and build their Confidence with Wealth Creation.

The Program includes two Modules: 

  • Module 1: Thrive with Style and Wellness
  • Module 2: Build a Lifestyle Business

Module 1: Thrive with Style and Wellness

Module 1 helps SoloPreneurs, Hustlers, MomPreneurs, who want to start a business in Lifestyle and Wellness industry, to gain basic understanding about the industry by going through 3-week experience exploring 5 human senses: 1- Activate your Mind with Balance, 2 – Create your Style with Life, 3- Create your Confidence with Wealth Creation.

Week 1

Eat, Pray, Self-Love

As human, we are often worried about stuff that we cannot control, which creates stress in our body. “Food is Medicine” – with right food, you will find calmness and appreciation to those who grow those foods. With awareness of self love, you will gain different perspectives about life balance.

Decompress & Detoxify

Stress is excitement created by Brain with negativity. We will help you identify your stress in connection with past and present, understand Why and How so you could detoxify it out of your mind. You will have to try things that you have never tried before, like dancing, breaking things, etc. to gain different lifestyle perspectives.

Week 2

Sleep & Energize

Energy is the ability to work, move and think, but we can’t see it. Positive energy flow is generated in our body by eating right food and having enough sleep. We use 5 basic senses to help you explore your own energy level, and use “Music in the Dark” technique to energize deep sleep.

Visualize & Ally

Design your life” is the visualization approach using “Japanese Ko” mediation techniques which helps you design your version of Who you want to become. You will need to build Allyship with 5 persons in that version. These techniques and skills help us to find our targeted Client profile in Lifestyle business.

Week 3

Create Your Style

Who you are becoming in future is re-designed based on the connections with past and present. The only difference is your new and unique Style, that nobody would have. We again will use our 5 basic senses to re-create the new You, with “Faith over Fear” & “Unlimiting Belief” techniques.

Beauty with Confidence

Our faith and unlimiting belief will be translated into Obsession and Confidence. Only when we are obsessed with our own life mission, and confident about our own self physically and mentally, we will be able to make things happen. This mentality is most important when you build your own business.

Module 2: Build a Lifestyle business

You can create your wealth when you have Confidence in Yourself, be able to build your own Identity and Style. In other words, right mindset and right attitude will generate wealth and abundance. So, how to start?

Start a new business is hard, especially when it comes with financial uncertainty. But – starting a side hustle is not that hard. In fact, it is a safer choice for most of SoloPreneurs, MomPreneurs, Creators. In this Module with 3 Core Levels, we will coach and help you train yourself by doing actual work in your own business. 

Please remember – If you cannot act on your own business, we can’t help.

Week 4

Build Identity in Lifestyle

Identity is what unique about you that people will remember. In a decentralized world as nowadays, Self-Identity is extremely important in running a Lifestyle business. It is your Personal Credibility, your Expertise, and your Style, or Lifestyle.

Week 5

Start Selling with Social Techniques

Every business needs Sales. Without Sales, your business will fail. You will start generating Sales with Social Selling and Event techniques. It is a form of side hustle to make extra income with minimum risk, and the first step of a thriving business.

Week 6

Setup Lean Operations and Cashflow

When you are able to generate Sales, you will sett up your lean operations and manage cashflow in a way that you can handle it yourself. The bottom line is, your business will thrive if it has minimum operational cost and healthy cashflow.

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